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Manifestation Made Easy - 3 Manifestation Hacks For Easy Abundance

Let’s start from the top.

What is manifestation?

According to the principles of Law of Attraction (LOA), manifestation is essentially bringing your thoughts into reality. While many articles on manifestation will have you believe that you can only manifest good things into your life, that’s hardly the case. Whether they’re good or bad, our thoughts elicit an energy or vibration that becomes reality.

You can manifest financial abundance, health, prosperity, love.
You can also manifest illness, debt, and hardship.

So, since we can control our reality, let’s strive to manifest some good stuff, shall we?

Here are 3 easy hacks to bring abundance, prosperity, and whatever else you desire into your life!

1. Train Your Brain For Positivity

We control the filter that we have on our lives. Have you ever wanted to purchase a new car and then all of a sudden it seems everybody in town has that exact car? Or maybe you’ve been considering doing something new to your hair, and suddenly everyone has that hair style? It’s no accident! Whatever we focus on expands. There is even a part of our brain that is in control of this called the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

The formula is simple the more good thoughts we think, the more good things we experience, and vice versa.

So, in order to expand the good that we think and experience in our lives, we must train our brain to search for it and create it. 

An easy way to do this is a gratitude practice. Start off every morning thinking about 3 things your grateful for. You can even keep a gratitude journal! When we appreciate all the good that is in our lives, we train our brain to find more good. In fact, studies have shown that a gratitude practice can actually change your brain!

Remember, based on the principles of LOA, whether we think positive or negative thoughts, they will manifest. So the first step in easy manifestation is creating a strong foundation of positive thinking and appreciation of what is! ?

Abundance cannot form in a place of lack.

2. Ask Smart Questions

Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us start our days thinking, “what can go wrong?” When you ask your brain a question, it searches for the answer. So the key to easy abundance is to ask smarter questions.

Imagine how differently life would like if you started your day off asking, “what miracles will I experience today?” or “how will today be even more amazing than the last?” or “how will abundance show up in my life today?”

Are you up for the challenge? Choose one of these questions (or create your own) and watch how your experience shifts. Remember, our brains will search for whatever answer we ask of it. What answers do you want to see in your life?

3. Get Into The Vibration Of What You Desire & Transfer The Energy

One of the *key* and possibly most difficult things to do when it comes to manifestation is to feel the energy/vibration of your desires. For instance, if you want to find your soulmate, feel what it would feel like to be with him/her. And get specific! For example, how would it feel when they would call you, hang out with you, etc.

Or if you desire financial freedom, get specific. What would your bank account look like? How would it FEEL to be financially free?

This can be tricky to do an ongoing basis, but have no fear because we have some easy hacks for you!

The key to feeling a vibration all the time is to transfer that vibration into something that can hold it. For example, crystals and water can retain energetic vibration. So first choose your vessel of choice, like for example, our gorgeous “Abundant and Free” necklace and put it in front of you. Then, close your eyes and start rubbing your hands together while you feel the vibration of your desire. You’ll start to feel a strong energy within your hands. Once you do, place your hands over the stone of the necklace and hold it there for a minute, while still feeling into the vibration. The energy of your desire will then be infused into your necklace, and as you wear your stone, you’ll feel that energy all day long!

You can also do a similar hack with water. Simply, place your hands over the cup of water instead of a necklace, and once you have transmuted the energy, chug that water! Easy peasy.

Personally, at Chakras Activated HQ, we do all of the above, because we love us some extra good vibes! :)

Remember, consistency is KEY here. These practices are not something you do one time and receive a million dollars, a Mercedes Benz, and a hot lover to come into your life overnight (although, it would be nice)! Just like anything else worth having, these things are something you must do consistently day in and day out in order to experience massive results.

Alright, now get out there and experience your desires! Happy Manifesting! :)

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  • Dylan

    Awesome post ! Wil definitely try the water trick .. I saw this blog post about escaping the ‘Poverty Mindset’ That really correlated with this blog post, you should check it here

  • Elm Valle

    Visualization is difficult to do, but you must feel it deep within. I tried this technique and it worked for me. You may want to try it out:

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