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How To Awaken Your Third Eye Chakra

Awaken Your Third Eye

“We participate in the forming of the future by virtue of our capacity to conceive of and respond to new possibilities, and to bring them out of imagination and try them in actuality.” - Rollo May

Known as the chakra of intuition and clarity, the third eye chakra is one of the most powerful centers we have. A balanced third eye chakra will enhance your perception, as well your ability to be imaginative and creative. It is located between your eyebrows and it is represented by the color purple.

An unbalanced third eye chakra may cause you to have a hard time processing your thoughts, denial, insensitivity, poor dream recall, vision issues, loss of sense of intuition, and poor memory.

A balanced third eye chakra may help you feel more connected with your inner wisdom, process your thoughts more effectively, improve your memory and dream recall, improve perception, be more present and connected with the now, heighten intuition and imagination.

Below, we share what we have found the five most useful practices to awakening and balancing your third eye.

Get Creative

One of the key elements of the third eye chakra is creativity and visualization. Therefore, doing creative activities is one of the most effective ways to activate it. For me personally, creativity has always been a challenge (which is a sign of an unbalanced third eye). However, the solution is simple. Here are some ideas: color in an adult coloring book (we love all of Johanna Basford’s stuff), play with watercolor, knit, heck- do a paint by number!

Visualize The Awakening

Visualization has been proven to be one of the most effective practices out there. (Don’t take our word on it - Just check out this article about a study done on visualization at Harvard.)

And it’s no exception when it comes to activating your chakras!

Here is the technique:

Close your eyes, and visualize a closed third eye between your brows.

Then take your hands, and visualize yourself pulling up the eyelid of the third eye, and opening it.

Start massaging around your third eye and trying to make it open more and more (think of how your rub your eyes in the morning when you wake up). We recommend taking your hands and lightly pulling away around the left and right of the eye, and then around the top and bottom.

Practice this daily before sleep.

In order to close your third eye, simply visualize the eyelid closing


As you know, we are very particular about how we do affirmations around here (check out our blog on it here). Affirmations are very powerful, when done correctly. The key to affirmations is being comfortable and confident when saying them out loud. Here are 3 key affirmations you can say morning and night (or whenever else you want), in order to start activating your third eye.

  1. My perception is beginning to get crystal clear.
  2. I am becoming connected with my intuition.
  3. I am beginning to trust my intuition and my inner wisdom.

Mala Meditation

Stillness and silence allow us to just be with our thoughts. This is vital to the third eye. Therefore meditation is very effective for energizing the third eye. One of our favorite ways to meditate is doing a mala meditation (great for meditators of any level).

A mala is a necklace that has 108 stones. When you meditate with a mala, you hold it in your right hand, and touch each bead one by one as you say an affirmation or mantra over and over (refer to some examples in the previous step). 

For bonus chakra points, visualize purple light flowing into your third eye.

We recommend third eye mala meditation with our Purple Amethyst Mala. Purple amethyst is known to activate the third eye chakra, which makes it ideal for this activity!


Dreams are easily one of our most daily intuitive and visual experiences. It’s said that dreams are our unconscious speaking to us. Dreamwork, which is the processing of dreams to understand their meaning, is a great way to balancing and strengthening your inner eye.

The first step to dreamwork is to recall your dreams vividly. Our favorite way to do this is to keep a dream journal by your bedside. As soon as you wake up, before your feet hit the floor, write down everything you can remember from your dreams. The more and more you do it, the stronger your ability to do this gets. Another tip is to take a B vitamin before sleep to help you dream more vividly. :).

      Congratulations! You are on your way to activating your third eye chakra. Let us know which activity was your favorite.

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