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7 Crystals You Need In Your Life Right Now

7 Crystals You Need Now

Crystals have been used in many cultures for assisting in healing the mind, body, and soul for thousands of years. Each crystal has a unique energy to heal different areas of your life. Crystal therapy is highly individualized, as each stone reacts differently to an individual’s unique energy field. Whichever one you find yourself drawn to the most is likely the one you need at this time.

Here are 7 incredible crystals that have been known to boost happiness, and protect and serve you in their own ways! Which one do you need in your life right now?


This powerful crystal is referred to as the stone of creativity. Wear this close to your heart to keep from distractions and remain focused on the moment. It helps regulate emotions to avoid drastic mood swings.


This delicate, yet mighty cosmic stone boosts creativity, confidence, and expression. Its energy is supportive in helping the wearer achieve goals, and inspires love, hope, and happiness.

Black Agate

Grounds energy, provides protection, and inner strength. It helps to create a calm, grounded peace, and alleviate stress and anxiety, while amplifying inner strength.


Turquoise is a stone of protection, power, and leadership. This stone always has your back! It also helps with balancing and aligning your energy, as well as improving mood and health.

Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful blue stone activates wisdom, truth, and powerful communication. Lapis Lazuli can help us go deep and really uncover what it is that we truly want by enhancing self-awareness and desires. If you’ve been feeling out of touch/disconnected with yourself lately or having a hard time communicating your truth, this is the perfect stone for you.


One of the most powerful stones - amethyst protects you from any negative energy, soothes, and relaxes. If you are experiencing tons of the stress and fogginess, this is the stone for you. It assists balance and healing, and amplifies intuition.

Green Aventurine

Known as the luckiest crystal, green aventurine brings in prosperity, wealth, and abundance. It can also protect against EMF rays from electronics. It helps to rebalance and energize the heart chakra, allowing one to connect with their needs and desire to and move forward in life happily.

Which crystal do you need today? Wear it around your neck and close to your heart with our Celestial Goddess Necklace. Keep the good vibes close to you, and block out the negativity.


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