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4 Unexpected Ways To Get Naturally Glowing Skin Now

Glowing Skin Now

Glowing, healthy, touchable skin. Is there anything else that feels better? We all want to wake up in the morning with that gorgeous dewy look. But how do we do it naturally? The key is to realize that when it comes to skin care, beauty is much more than skin deep. Follow these four super effective ways to get that radiant glow starting from the inside out.


1. Hydration Revisited

Hydrated skin is glowing skin. Most people think applying moisturizer is enough. But no, your skin’s moisture is directly related to how much water you drink. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water. Start by drinking half of your body weight in ounces - so if you weigh 130 pounds, 65 ounces of water should be your daily minimum. Absolute minimum. More is better! We recommend tracking your water intake, as many people tend to overestimate how much water they actually drink.

(Note: If you’re using kilograms then go with roughly the same amount of ounces as kilograms for your baseline.)

But, not all water is created equally.

Here we look to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s extensive testing on the effects of different energetic vibrations on water. The first picture shows a water molecule after being sent concentrated thoughts of love and gratitude. The second image is of another water molecule that is repeatedly hearing the mantra “you make me sick.” Which type of water would you want running through your body?

We’ve even seen rice experiments conducted where one bowl of rice contains positively-charged water, and the other contains negatively-charged water. The result? The negatively charged rice begins to grow mold much more quickly than the positively charged one. Yikes!

The message is simple, the more you infuse your water with love and positivity, the healthier it will be for your body!


2. Kraut it out!

Often times, poor skin can actually be a result of poor gut health. Healing your gut can have a massive influence on your glow! Hydrating is already a massive step to improving your gut health. We also recommend taking it to the next level by adding a tablespoon of sauerkraut to at least 2 meals a day. Did you know that a tablespoon of sauerkraut has 100x more probiotics than 1 probiotic capsule?

Not into kraut? No problem.

You can also try incorporating kimchi, tempeh, or kombucha into your diet - all amazing fermented foods that are great for the gut and your skin.


3. Love Yourself

There’s nothing more conducive to glowing from within than loving yourself. Truly loving and appreciating you for who you are right in this very moment will give you a joy and confidence like no other, which leads to a radiant glow. I know, I know, easier said than done. But here is an exercise that has proven to be quite effective in helping reinforce self-love just a little bit each and every day.

Look into the mirror, every morning, and say aloud “I love you.” If that feels uncomfortable, you can start with something like “I am becoming someone who loves themselves.” You can play around with these affirmations until they become more comfortable, and finally turn into reality.

Here are a few more affirmations to play around with. Try repeating them at least 3 times daily.

“Every day in every way I am getting more and more beautiful.”

“Every day in every way I am loving myself more and more.”

“Infinite love runs throughout my body, heart, and soul.”

“Love is abundant within me, always.”

“It is safe for me to love myself inside and out.”


4. Roll for stimulation

Facial rollers are an excellent way to assist with fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and for removing toxins. It stimulates the skin, promoting positive blood flow and stimulating the lymphatic system. You will feel your pores tightening with the cooling touch of this powerful crystal.

The Goddess Glow Rose Quartz Facial Roller from Chakras Activated takes it to the next level, as the crystal used is all natural rose quartz -- the stone of unconditional love. Beautiful skin starts from within, and rose quartz is the most powerful crystal associated with opening of the heart chakra. The feminine energy of compassion, fulfillment, love, and healing within this crystal makes it the perfect naturally occurring material for a facial roller.

Simply apply your favorite serum, lotion, or mask onto your face, and start rolling from the center outwards. Start from the bottom of your neck, and continue to roll upward for about 3 - 5 minutes morning and night. Leaving the roller in the fridge will help even more with reducing inflammation. Your skin will be in love with the ultra-cooling touch of rose quartz.

Start your mornings with a big glass of water, a loving intention for yourself, and by flushing your skin with a rose quartz facial rolling practice, while you plan out what probiotic foods you’ll eat that day. Soon enough your skin will be glowing more than you ever thought possible!

Be sure to grab your Goddess Glow Rose Quartz Facial Roller here. Your skin and soul will love you for it!

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