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22 Abundance Affirmations (That Actually Work)

22 Abundance Affirmations 

Not all affirmations are created equally. In fact, if not done correctly, affirmations can do more harm than good.

Affirmations are defined as positive phrases which if said repeatedly, override any negative beliefs or thought patterns and attract wonderful things into our lives. Who wouldn’t want to attract infinite abundance and good things into their lives?

However, the problem is, looking into the mirror and saying “I am rich” over and over again doesn’t always work.

Joseph Murray does an amazing job explaining this in his book “The Power of the Subconscious Mind”. 

Essentially, whatever we think *confidently* is what our subconscious mind will believe and act on. When it comes to controlling our thoughts, the most confident thought wins.  

So for example, if you are confident that you are not rich, saying “I’m rich” over and over again won’t work. In fact, it might further reinforce your belief of not being rich, since as you are saying you’re rich, you might consciously (and subconsciously) be confidently thinking “no you’re not”. And that does not do you any good!

So what’s the solution? Can we really reprogram our thoughts with affirmations?

The answer is YES... if you properly adjust them.

So for example, instead of saying “I’m rich”, something that you might feel more confident/believable in saying is “I am in the process of becoming someone who is rich” or “I am accepting that I am rich”. Slowly as you start to accept it, you can start making more definitive affirmations.

We believe that “gradual” affirmations are far more effective than the traditional affirmations you see since they are easier for the subsconcious mind to accept.

Below, we’ve shared 22 affirmations that we use daily to live abundant lives! Use this for wealth, health, love, joy, or all of the above (like we do).

  1. It is safe for me to have anything I desire.
  2. I am in the process of attracting massive abundance into my life.
  3. Abundance is now infinitely flowing through me at every moment.
  4. Abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  5. I am becoming a magnet for abundance.
  6. It is safe for me to receive abundance now.
  7. My actions and thoughts are creating prosperity for me now.
  8. I am becoming supported in all I do.
  9. I am becoming open to receive all of the abundance that flows into my life.
  10. I allow abundance to come to me now.
  11. I am able to easily handle the abundance that comes into my life.
  12. All of the joy, health, love, and wealth that I desire is on its way to me now.
  13. I am beginning to constantly attract opportunities that bring me abundance.
  14. I share my abundance freely with others.
  15. I am in the process of releasing any negative feelings or beliefs I have around receiving abundance in my life.
  16. My vibration is increasing daily.
  17. Abundance does not define who I am, I define who I am.
  18. I am becoming open to being abundantly supported.
  19. It is safe for me to to be wildly wealthy.
  20. It is safe for me to desire (and acquire) abundance.
  21. I am embracing new avenues and opportunities for abundance.
  22. The abundance in my life is a vessel for good.

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Fill your home with abundant thoughts! 

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